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April 24, 2006 April 24, 2006

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Davies Retires: It seems as if all the great ambassadors of teams are leaving. First Emiliano Escandon retires from the Somerset Patriots after last season and now Justin Davies is done too. Davies retires as the Ducks all-time leader in hits (615), runs scored (426), stolen bases (149) games played (637) and at bats (2,253).

I always enjoyed speaking with Justin throughout the season. I had him as a guest on my radio show at one point and you could just tell how much he loved the game and playing in Long Island.

The Ducks will hold a ceremony for Davies on May 6, prior to their game against the Patriots.

Team Videos Update: As Mike pointed out a few days ago, the Lancaster Barnstormers released a video on their first season in the league. Well, a fan points out that the Long Island Ducks put out a DVD as well. It was after their 2004 championship season and featured interviews and a whole lot more.

Surf Announcement Postponed: The Atlantic City Surf have postponed Wednesday’s press conference that was supposed to announce the naming rights of The Sandcastle to Bernie Robbins Jewelers, according to a source. – Scott Stanchak.

Ashmore Note: I think that DVD was a giveaway, though. Not sure if it was ever available for sale. Either way, me wantee.

Scheuing Cut: The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal reports that P Matt Scheuing was the first player cut by the Lancaster Barnstormers. This is not surprising considering he didn’t attend Spring Training in order to teach at a local school.

My thoughts on this are that this isn’t really the kind of league where you can have an unrelated side gig going on and expect to make a baseball club. However, what I found most interesting about this is that Joe Klein made the phone call to inform Scheuing he’d been cut.

Now, I’m not sure if that’s standard operating procedure on these deals or what, but if it is, it shouldn’t be. You’d think somebody on the team would have thought to mention that to him. I guess because of the special circumstances involved with the possibility of him making the team without attending camp, that this was acceptable, but that still seems a little odd to me.

The article also says that Klein would try to find work for Scheuing (a.k.a. place him on the Road Warriors) if he still wanted to pitch. He does still want to pitch, so look for him to resurface sometime within the first month of the year. – Mike Ashmore



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