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April 24, 2006 April 23, 2006

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What Have You Seen: This is definitely one of those things that’s only going to interest me, but I keep an extensive statistical database of every game I’ve been to. I’ve seen 588 different Atlantic League players in action over the span of five years, starting back in 2001. I went to one game that year and two in 2002 before I started covering the team in 2003.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to see who the top 5 and bottom 5 players I’ve seen in the AL are – statistically speaking, of course. I figured a 20 at-bat minimum would make it fair.

Top 5:

Jose Amado, Bridgeport, .462 (24-for-52)
Willis Otanez, Bridgeport, .457 (16-for-35)
Taylor McCormack, Long Island, .425 (17-for-40)
Melvin Nieves, NAS/SOM, .412 (21-for-51)
Shane Hopper, Nashua, .409 (9-for-22)

Bottom 5:

Kevin Jordan, Camden, .048 (1-for-21)
Francisco Lebron, Newark, .100 (2-for-20)
Francisco Morales, CAM/LI .121 (4-for-33)
Keith Lu’Uloa, Bridgeport, .132 (5-for-38)
Brent Cordell, Somerset, .133 (4-for-30)

Other totally random facts?

I’ve seen Norm Hutchins suit up for five different teams (LAN, LI, NWK, PEN, SOM) and get at least two hits with each. I look forward to seeing him play with his sixth AL team (BPT) this year.

I’ve seen 126 different Atlantic Leaguers hit a combined 343 home runs.

I’ve seen Ryan Radmanovich hit the most home runs, 27.

I’ve seen Emiliano Escandon play the most games, 160 and take the most at-bats, 628.

Jeff Nettles has the most RBI in games I’ve been to, 107. However, he and Radmanovich are tied for the lead in strikeouts with 128.

Not surprisingly, Billy Hall has stolen the most bases with 15.

I’ve seen 110 different Somerset Patriots play.

So what’s the point of all this?

A new season is starting April 28th. What will you see? Nothing, if you don’t go out to your team’s box office, grab some tickets and support your local franchise.

I’ll have some pitching stats up sometime soon. – Mike Ashmore


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