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March 28, 2006

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Minor Change In Plans: Former Newark Bears and Lancaster Barnstormers third baseman Ryan Minor, the man who replaced Cal Ripken to end his streak, has retired. The former big leaguer will remain with the league and become a coach with the traveling Road Warriors for the 2006 season.

Barnstormer Signings: The Barnstormers signed two today, including one that we reported was going to happen several weeks ago. Both Scott Patterson and Scott Sobkowiak, who was traded from Somerset to Lancaster for Chris Zallie reached agreements.

Patriots Sign Two: As I first reported on Sunday, the Patriots signed pitcher Todd Moser and infielder George Sandel to contracts. Having already signed Tony Gsell and Pat Boran, the Patriots are sure to have a solid bench, which is great. When are they going to fill out the main part of their roster though? – Scott Stanchak.

Ashmore’s Take: I’d been hearing about the Ryan Minor situation for about a week from a source in Lancaster. I’d been hearing the name Edgar Tovar jump around, but I guess he already had his shot.

My guess would be that the league realizes they have name value in Minor and are trying to get his feet wet to put him in line for a managerial position for one of the league’s new franchises in either Long Island or Maryland. The obvious choice would be Maryland due to his connection with the Orioles. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Minor occasionally suited up for the Road Warriors, as he’s proven he can still get it done and the league has shown they’re willing to have a player/coach on the Road Warriors franchise. That’s all, obviously, speculation at this point.

And don’t think I’d let the signing of one of my favorite Atlantic Leaguers, Scott Patterson, go down without a comment. Granted, being a 23 year-old man and admitting I watch (and like) Gilmore Girls is problem enough, but how do I bring this up to Scott in our inevitable interview? Hmmm…

As for the Patriots signings, I like the Moser signing. I was pretty surprised the organization brought back Sandel, as he hit just .229 with one home run and 28 RBI last season, but George is probably the best clubhouse guy I’ve been around in my three years of covering the team. Really funny guy, keeps the guys loose. He’s a pretty solid player, all in all, I do like the fact that they’re giving him another shot to see what he can do.



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