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March 14, 2006

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New Interviews Coming: Guys, I’ve got some great some stuff coming up from 2005 Long Island Ducks Carlos Hernandez and Armando Rios. With as timely as the Barry Bonds stuff has been, I figured I’d share probably the most honest comments I’ve gotten about Bonds, from his former teammate Rios. Rios also talks about being implicated in the BALCO scandal in this July interview.

You got to play with Barry Bonds for three and a half years as well. A lot of people have varying opinions on Barry, what was your experience like with him?

“I had a good time with him. Barry’s the kind of guy that doesn’t say much. He doesn’t bother anybody, he does his own thing. A lot of the people who talk about him have no right, because most of the people don’t know him. He doesn’t open up, not even to his teammates. The thing about him is, is that he is himself. He doesn’t help you out as a teammate. People will sit down and know what pitchers are throwing and help you pick it out, but he won’t share that. So as a teammate, in that way, you kind of want him to teach you and pass down what he’s learned. But he’s not like that. But he didn’t bother anybody, he would just show up, do his thing and go out there and play. A lot of people have problems with that, but he’s one of a kind and you have to respect that.”

There was a story that had come out that you had received some performance enhancing drugs from Barry Bonds’ trainer, Greg Anderson. Are you afraid that the story coming out will have an affect on your chances of getting picked up by affiliated baseball?

“No, that’s in the past. That’s a story that came out in the past, and I have nothing to say about that except that I wasn’t involved in that. There was an investigation, they know the truth. I’m not involved in any of it. I guess it’s like anything with celebrities; actors and actresses, they try to put stories on people…lies to sell papers. I’ve got nothing to say, because there’s nothing there. I played after that, after that all happened, and I don’t think that’s an issue right now. I’m just glad that I’m not involved in that stuff, when they were trying to make a scene, and whatever they find is whatever. Thank God I’m out of it.”

For the Rios piece, click here. For the Hernandez piece, click here. I’ll try to do a few every week until the start of the year.

Speaking of the Ducks: They announced their first two signings today. Justin Davies has returned to the team, as has Todd Erdos. Davies, the 2004 ALCS MVP, is the franchise’s all-time leader in many statistical categories; including hits, games played, runs, stolen bases and at-bats. He’s a friendly face in what can sometimes be an intimidating (not to mention occasionally closed) clubhouse, so I’m glad to see him back.

Same goes for former big leauger Todd Erdos, who’s entering his 15th season of pro ball. Erdos, who’s pitched for the Yankees, Padres and my beloved Red Sox, saved 32 games last season for the Ducks. It’s a little surprising that he’s coming back based off of the season he put up last year.

Although people expect Justin Davies back every year, it’s a little surprising that he hasn’t gotten a look from an affiliated team yet, either. He’s a solid outfielder who plays good defense with above average speed who gets on base a lot.

I’d be shocked if the Ducks didn’t start partying like it’s 1996 and collecting former big leaguers like they were pogs. BUT WHO WILL BE THEIR SLAMMER? – Mike Ashmore


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