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March 11, 2006

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What John Rocker’s Been Up To: The very name brings back some fun memories for everyone, I’m sure. John Rocker. Former Ducks pitcher. Yay! Anyway, Rocker’s been in NYC promoting a TV show he’s going to be on. I would plug it, but…eh, I’ll let ESPN2 Cold Pizza host Jay Crawford tell you the story:

“John’s involved with a new show which I will not name the name of now, and I won’t tell you where you can see it or when you can see it.”

“We had a nice conversation about baseball during the commercial break, and then he asks me politely, “Hey, you’re not going to get into the stuff about the New York comments,” well, yeah, John, we are. That’s part of who you are. So he went over to the other side of the studio, and he was sitting like a four-year-old child, his lips were pursed, the next thing you know, he stands up and stomps out of the studio, right after we tease that he’s coming up on the show. He just doesn’t get it.”

“If you do watch the show, John told me he’s on it on weeks 3, 7, and 10, so just don’t watch those weeks.”

Keep in mind that Crawford and Rocker both had roughly the same level of success pitching on the independent circuit. Keeping in mind that Crawford’s a TV show host, I wonder who that comment’s directed towards.

Anyway, this was after Rocker had made an appearance in Bryant Park promoting the show, where he threw three pitches to some media types and some contest winners.

So, here’s my point.

I could get a hit off of John Rocker.

We could make it a charity event, where either Rocker or myself could donate a set amount to the NYPD or FDNY. The Red Cross for Katrina victims, whatever. I get a hit, he donates X amount of dollars. He strikes me out, I donate X amount of dollars. I will not give up on getting some sort of Rocker story.

I’ll even wear one of his stupid Speak English T-Shirts, that’s he actually selling on his official website, because nothing shows that he’s sorry for his comments quite like that does.

If I can’t interview him or even take a picture of him, I’d might as well step into the batter’s box against him. And this is where I need your help, kids. My e-mails and my contact attempts with Rocker’s people have been unsuccessful in the past. E-mail whoever you have to, get this done, it would be great promotion for everyone involved. An interview would have been too, but hey…

I can be reached at mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com. If you’re contacting me about this, title your e-mail “John Rocker Charity Challenge.”

Get the word out. – Mike Ashmore



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