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January 25, 2006

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Dispersal Draft Update: Mike Pfaff of the Ducks front office took a few minutes to explain the dispersal draft process to me, and also answered a few of my other questions as well.

Seeing how the ownership group that owned the Pride also owned the Barnstormers and Ducks, those teams had the right of first refusal to those players contracts. The remaining players became Atlantic League free agents. However, as Pfaff explained, the teams are only acquiring the rights and no players have actually been signed.

As to which six players the Ducks claimed off of the Nashua roster, well your guess is as good as mine, because the team is choosing not to make that information public at this time. Looking at the list of guys the Barnstormers claimed, here are a few of my guesses at who the Ducks grabbed…P Nate Teut, DH Glenn Murray, 1B Brian Becker, OF Darren Bragg, OF Kevin Haverbusch and P Jason Pearson.

AGAIN, THOSE ARE MY GUESSES. I’d be willing to guess that Becker and Harriger were the first two guys “taken” in the “draft” as well. As far as I know, Murray is the only one who has signed a deal elsewhere, choosing to re-sign with Nashua.

Pfaff said the team has yet to reach official agreements with any players, as some are still hopeful for invites to Spring Training. In regards to the coaching staff, Pfaff says to expect a release on that in the next few weeks, although I personally wouldn’t anticipate any changes there. I think the only area where you might see a change or two is in the player/coach department, as it’s unclear whether guys like Kevin Baez and Doug Jennings will be returning in either role.

From talking to Pfaff, you really get a sense that the organization is looking forward to the upcoming season. Thanks again to Mike for his time on this one. – Mike Ashmore


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