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January 24, 2006

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Barnstormers Coaches Return: The Barnstormers are going to bring back manager Tom Herr and pitching coach Rick Wise. Frank Klebe will also return as bench coach, but Bert Pena will not be coming back in 2006…many are speculating Pena will return to his old post as manager of the Road Warriors. – Scott Stanchak w/Mike Ashmore.

Also, check out the new “Stanchak’s Patriots Notebook” posted online: http://www.scottstanchak.com/articles/misc/6.htm

Rights to Nashua players awarded to Ducks and Barnstormers: According to Jason Guarente of the Lancaster New Era, the Ducks and Barnstormers participated in an exclusive dispersal draft to obtain the rights of players on the now-defunct Nashua Pride. It is believed that other teams were not allowed to participate because only the Ducks and Barnstormers ownership groups were invested in the Pride.

Who knows who the Ducks got, but Guarente reports that Lancaster acquired the rights to P Denny Harriger, P Jim Mann, OF Jimmy Hurst, OF Peter Bergeron, SS Pete Shier and C Luis Rodriguez.

I hope this isn’t true. The official league website, the Barnstormers website and the Ducks website all make no mention of this…maybe they all realize it seems a bit shady. The league site also doesn’t list the rules for a dispersal draft, but if it’s really based on who owns what team, that is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

For a league as concerned about their own credibility as the Atlantic League is and should be, it’s stuff like this which really makes you question the integrity of the league sometimes.

I sent an e-mail to the Ducks front office to confirm this on their side of things, and to see what players they got. – Mike Ashmore

Stanchak’s Note: I actually got word about this a few days ago, but have yet to be able to confirm this, a reason I didn’t post the news. It looks like it did happen, and while I agree the players should remain in this league, is it fair that the other teams aren’t involved in the dispersal? No. When the Road Warriors got canned, their players could have went anywhere and that was a league team. Come on, the Pride had good players, they should have all become free agents.



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