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January 20, 2006

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Pete Rose talks about his son, former Ducks star Pete Rose, Jr.: In what can best be described as a contentious interview with ESPN.com’s Graham Bensinger, all-time hit king Pete Rose was asked about his son, Pete Rose, Jr.

Here’s an excerpt from that interview…

Bensinger: How much of an effect do you think your problems in baseball and with the government have had on your son Pete Jr.’s status in baseball?

Rose: None at all. Because, well, it was tough on him. It wasn’t tough on his status in baseball, and I told that to my son a while ago. There’s going to be minuses for being Pete Rose’s [son], and there’s going to be pluses. And the pluses are going to outweigh the minuses. He must not worry too much because we just had our first grandson about 11 months ago, and he called him Peter Edward Rose III. So if he’s worried about it, he’s not hiding it.

Bensinger: He pleaded guilty, obviously, in November to distributing GPL, a controlled…

Rose: No, he did not. He never pleaded anything of distributing. OK? There was no distribution in that. So get it right, don’t start saying that he pleaded guilty to distribution, because he didn’t. All right? He gave a couple teammates a sleeping pill. That’s what it was. Because he just had knee surgery. OK? That’s what it was. And it’s the same drug you could buy over the counter three years before. He was wrong, and he’s being penalized for it. So let him alone. We didn’t come here to talk about Pete.

Please head on over to espn.com for the remainder of the lengthy in-depth interview with Rose.

For an interview with Pete Rose, Jr. done by yours truly back in June, click here. – Mike Ashmore



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