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January 12, 2006

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A Trade!: It’s not too often that I get to announce a trade on here; however, this one deals with two larger name players — both former Somerset Patriots. The Bridgeport Bluefish sent outfielder Will Pennyfeather to the Newark Bears for outfielder Norm Hutchins.

Here’s a quote from the press release: “Bluefish General Manager Charlie Dowd is excited about the newest member of the club. “Penny has been a terrific contributor on and off the field and we will miss his veteran leadership. However we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to acquire a player with Norm’s abilities as we look to retool for the 2006 campaign.”

Basically, Dowd is saying that Norm is a much better player and they don’t need misplays in the outfield that could cost them playoff status. Do I think Norm’s a better player, I’d say equal. Will will provide some added power; however, his speed is nowhere near what Norm’s is. – Scott Stanchak.

Ashmore’s Take: No, I didn’t die or anything, Scott just beats me to this stuff. I think this deal is pretty much a wash for both teams.

Hutchins is on his fifth Atlantic League team in four seasons. Nobody doubts his abilities on the field, but when a guy’s been on that many teams in such a short span, you’ve gotta wonder what’s going on there. Hutch was a big part of the 2003 Patriots championship team, but wasn’t the same player in 2004. The Patriots left him unprotected in the expansion draft, allowing the Barnstormers to claim him. He quickly became one of the team’s most popular players, but was dealt to the Bears in mid-season for Jeremy Todd.

Pennyfeather has hinted at retirement over the past few seasons, going as far as to tell me that he’d “probably” retire all the way back in 2004. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t report, although he might want the opportunity to close out his career with a team close to home.

If Hutchins can re-gain his form from 2003, this deal clearly favors the Bluefish and actually makes Norm a leading candidate to (finally) get picked up this year. – Mike Ashmore



1. Anonymous - March 31, 2008

Does anybody know what if Norm Hutchins is still playing ball in 2008? What is he doing? Any News on him?

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