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October 30, 2005

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Announcement Expected After Meetings: Word on the street is that there will be an announcement regarding the Nashua situation after the Independent Baseball Convention concludes on November 2nd.

The convention, held in St. Louis this year, brings together all the top officials and some team personnel from the independent leagues and their teams.

The announcement is expected to “reveal” that the Nashua Pride have left to join the Can-Am League and that the Atlantic League will have seven home teams with one traveling team in 2006. The traveling team would be replaced by a franchise in York as early as 2007. With stadium plans already being unveiled, officials are pushing for a 2007 opening.

If this is the case, the teams probably wouldn’t be as upset as you’d think. Under the current system, teams have 70 home dates. Under the new system, they’d have no fewer than 72 with the possibility of as many as 80. However, the league is also rumored to be returning to a 126 game schedule in 2006, so 72 home dates seems more likely.

The wild card remains Bridgeport, as it’s entirely possible they might not return in 2006 as well. If that’s the case, then the league might be forced to revert to short season plans. In that case, Atlantic City would likely become a short season team, and that would really throw things for a loop. – Mike Ashmore



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