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October 21, 2005

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Got Pride? The AL Might Not in ’06: Tom King of The Nashua Telegraph has written a series of articles discussing recent rumors, broken by ESPN 900AM Radio, that the Nashua Pride would be switching leagues to the Can-Am League.

The Atlantic League, as King writes, has been long rumored to be exploring a short season option, but it appears it might not be soon enough for the Pride to survive in the Atlantic League.

Having long been nothing more than a giant financial black hole, shockingly even moreso under new ownership, the league would likely be better off going back to having seven home teams and a traveling team next year anyway. Teams would get two additional home games, and would be home more often. It would also eliminate a much-maligned bus ride to a much-maligned stadium, not to mention “much-empty” as well.

With rumors flying abound of teams surfacing considerably further away than New Hampshire, it appears those plans have been squashed and the league will stick with a “long season” format in 2006. There will be seven home teams, assuming the Nashua rumor is true, unless York can construct a temporary stadium out of Lego’s or something, because it seems pretty safe to assume that they’re going to be the next team in the AL as early as ’07.

If fans didn’t come out for Atlantic League baseball, what makes you think they’ll come out for Can-Am League ball? Saying it’s a level below the AL is being very, very kind.

What’s sad is that a lot of people predicted that this ownership group would steer the team directly into the ground. Mission complete. – Mike Ashmore

As is the custom when I write something inflammatory, I’ll stick in the good ol’ disclaimer. The opinions of Mike Ashmore are his and his alone. They are not representative in any way, shape, or form of those of other Atlanticleaguebaseball.com employees.


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