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September 1, 2005

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Bears Sign Two: The Newark Bears have signed OF Trey Beamon and RHP John Dillinger. Remember when I mentioned that you’d see guys from other leagues coming over? Well, here you go. Beamon has played for the Surf in the past and brings big league time to the league, but was recently a player/coach for the Elmira Pioneers of the Can-Am League.

Beamon played for the Pirates in 1996, Padres in 1997 and Tigers in 1998. He was the Pirates 2nd round pick in 1992.

Dillinger, not the famous bank robber of the 30’s, has pitched for Somerset in this league and has bounced around in the Central League and other places. But, he too most recently pitched for the Elmira Pioneers of the Can-Am League. Former Bear Rolando Viera is on that team, I’m surprised he wasn’t shipped over as well.

Dillinger, as it turns out, was acquired via one of the ever popular “player to be named never” trades with Elmira. Beamon, apparently, was just signed outright…but who knows.

Bluefish Sign Three: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that the team has reached agreements with three players, all of whom have played with the team before. P Eddy Ramos, P Byron Batson and C Sandy DeLeon have all joined the Bluefish, who are hopelessly out of the playoff race.

Ramos left the team for Mexico this season, Batson pitched for them last year and has also played for Newark and Pennsylvania, and DeLeon was with the Golden League earlier this year. But really, what would an AL season be without Sandy DeLeon? “Wherever there’s baseball, you’ll find DeLeon,” he once told me.

Sandy’s a really nice guy and a pretty talented catcher who’s just never gotten the opportunity to be an everyday catcher anywhere. Not to mention his teammates always love him.

Summarizing the Pride’s Current State in One Word: Pathetic. Tom King of The Nashua Telegraph reports that the team went into yesterday’s game with Camden with only two available pitchers. Two pitchers? Two? Really? That’s ridiculous. I mean I can hit the high 60’s to low 70’s, I throw strikes and I’ll play for free, if you’re interested give me a call. Outside of that, that’s just sad. I mean, if these guys weren’t willing to jump through a wall for Butch Hobson – and deservedly so I might add, he’s got to be a lock for manager of the year – then there’d be a real bad situation going on in the AL involving forfeits and playoff races being dramatically altered. Not that they aren’t going to be anyway, I mean is it any shock that the three position players Hobson had to send to the mound got absolutely reamed?

I understand that there are some major financial handcuffs on this team, but whose fault is that? The new ownership group has been blasted every which way, and nearly every word of it is deserved. They somehow managed to lower the attendance in Nashua…which – if you’re familiar with the league – already seemed impossible. But, at the very least, they always fielded competitive teams. You find me a professional baseball team that goes into a game with two healthy (sort of) pitchers that’s competitive, and I’ll go cover that team in that league. The ownership group has repeatedly said that they’re committed to being in Nashua for the long term, but common sense would show that there simply might not be a team to be committed to in the near future. With crowds just breaking into triple-digits sometimes, how can you possibly be making money?

Seemingly no promotion whatsoever has gone into this team, which is sad. You’d think that with the somewhat recent addition of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, that they’d have to step it up in the marketing department even further, but that simply hasn’t been the case. I’d heard a lot of talk about how there was even the potential that Nashua could have been morphed into a traveling team this year, but that it was simply cheaper to just leave them there. If that is the case, I think that speaks volumes as to why the franchise is being allowed to rot as it is.

Nashua was, without any doubt in my mind, the team to beat this season. The way they just absolutely dominated teams was impressive, especially with their run starting the second half. But then, things just absolutely fell apart, and little has been done about it. If the Pride roster stays as is, then they’re nothing more than a first round bye for whatever team faces them in the playoffs. I’ve heard of having no depth, but to only have a handful of pitchers available per game is pretty assinine.

Help is on the Way: The Pride “traded” for the rights to LHP Pete Hartmann, who last pitched in the Golden League.

Finding Forster: Well, you won’t find him on the Patriots, as P Scott Forster has been released. No word on if team officials will replace him in the near future. I shook my magic 8-ball. All signs point to yes.

Duck Tales: Hmmm…sounds like one big name pitcher won’t be coming back after all, but an even bigger name might come back instead. Stay tuned. – Mike Ashmore



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