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August 21, 2005

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Patriots Update: The Somerset Patriots romped the Nashua Pride — on of, if not, the best team in the league — 19-3 last night; however, several news pieces came out of the game. I spoke with shortstop Kevin Nicholson after the contest. Nicholson sat out the game and said he was visiting a doctor today to evaluate his lower back. It was an injury he never suffered in his career, but it’s been putting him in a lot of pain.

I also spoke with John “The Count” Montefusco, who said the team is using tonight’s starter Shane Heams in the rotation only temporarily. Heams doesn’t want to be in the rotation — something he confirmed after the game — and they are searching for another fifth starter. Another note from Heams: if he isn’t picked up after this season, it’s most likely his last. – Scott Stanchak.

Barnstormers Sign Pitcher: This happened a few days ago, but considering there wasn’t a press release or anything, I just happened to notice him on the roster. RHP Jimmy Jackson, a 22 year old who attended Shepherd College, was signed by Lancaster. He was the closer of his college team and was a first team all conference selection in his sophomore season.

A source reports that Jackson’s first outing with the team did not go well, and that his signing might have been just to give him a look at the pro level. It’s also believed that the team has signed Joe Dooley, who supposedly retired after being traded from Lancaster with one of my favorite AL names in Scott Patterson, and released Pedro Diaz. Nothing short of AMAZING how difficult it is to find information on the ‘Stormers.

10Q Update: I think the likelyhood of these being posted in the off-season is pretty high, as I simply don’t have as much time as I used to get these done. In any event, I talked to two Nashua Pride players today. The first one was Kevin McGlinchy, who pitched in the NLDS, NLCS and World Series with the Atlanta Braves.

And the second one was Joe Kilburg, who’s now in his second year with Nashua. He talked about hanging out with Tiger Woods and how the most talented player he’s ever played with, who played with him in affiliated ball last year, is in this league this season. Keep your eyes peeled for both of these. Maybe they’ll be in the off-season, maybe they’ll be next week. You just never know. – Mike Ashmore



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