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July 12, 2005

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Barnstormers “trade” two: The Lancaster Barnstormers have “traded” P Joe Dooley and P Scott Patterson (no, not the guy who plays Luke on Gilmore Girls) to the Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League for future considerations. Both pitched for the Grizzlies last year, so I certainly don’t have to tell them that not only is the Frontier League literally miles away from the Atlantic League, it is in a figurative sense as well.

What exactly are future considerations? I mean, will the Grizzlies be like…well, we “considered” giving you this guy, but we thought better of it. Does that fulfill their obligations? Yeah, essentially, these guys got released.

Leaders at the break:

AVG: Ryan Radmanovich, Somerset, .336
HR: Brian Becker, Nashua, 20
RBI: Brian Becker, Nashua, 54
W: Brian Tollberg, Somerset, 10
SV: Todd Erdos, Long Island, 18
ERA: Donovan Osborne, Long Island, 1.99

10Q Update: 36 minutes of audio put onto paper. 36 questions with Tom Goodwin, 26 more than the advertised number. It’s finally done, and it’s finally posted on the main site, and it was a lot of hard work. Goodwin has more big league time than anybody else in the Atlantic League, and I made sure I took full advantage of that, asking him any question I could think to ask.

Below, check out an ALPlus preview of one of the extra questions ALPlus users get from the Goodwin interview. You can’t tell me you don’t want to sign up after reading that!

ALPlus Preview: This is the kind of stuff you miss by not signing up for ALPlus. This is Surf All-Star Outfielder Tom Goodwin telling the interesting story that only he can tell about the Steve Bartman play, a story you can only see on atlanticleaguebaseball.com

This is probably still a sore subject, but I wanted to ask you about the infamous Steve Bartman play. What was your vantage point of that play, and what are your thoughts on the Cubs and their curse?

“I was back, stretching. It was the top of the 8th, and I didn’t know if I was going to be hitting in the bottom of the 8th or if I was going to pinch run or something. And once the inning started, I just went in and started stretching and getting loose and all that. And it’s funny, when I say this now, but this happened to me twice. I went inside and it was the same thing that happened in Anaheim. They made it 5-3 or something in the 7th, and in the 8th inning I go back and stretch. And they’re setting the podium up for us, and they think we’re going to win and everything’s going up. And I was like man, what’s going on around here, they were putting the wrap around the lockers and all that. Then the Angels started coming back and I was like oh my goodness.

“So fast forward to 2003, and the same thing happens. It’s 3-0, and I go in and start stretching, and they’re wrapping it up and setting up the podium, and I’m sitting there thinking you’ve got to be kidding me, it’s deja vu for real right now, in a bad way. So all of a sudden, there was one out and Juan (Pierre) hit a double down the line after fouling off some pitches, and then after fouling off some pitches, (Luis) Castillo hit the ball. And I’m sitting there in the locker room going, ‘He (Alou) could have had it!’ I didn’t think it was all going to break down right there. (Mark) Prior was dealing. That was the main thing, I mean when I say dealing, I mean he was going at it. It was one of them Prior days where it was just zip, zip, zip and that was going to be the ballgame. I don’t know if something got taken out of somebody or what, but the Marlins were very capable of getting hot, and I think they just got hot.

“With the curse, I don’t know anything about a curse, but I know that Florida was a better team than we were. Or even if we were equal teams, they got hot at the right time and we couldn’t stop that snowball from rolling downhill. If was just tough to stop. There’s no way I’d ever blame Bartman or a curse or anything like that, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. That’s the way it crumbled for us. The same way it crumbled for us in San Francisco is how it crumbled in Chicago.” – Mike Ashmore



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