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June 29, 2005

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Scoreboard: Nashua beat Bridgeport, 5-4, in game one of the doubleheader. Well, sort of. They were completing the suspended game from yesterday’s fog fest. Darren Bragg homered in the win, with Jim Mann getting the save.

Nashua swept the doubleheader of sorts by winning game two, 7-6. D.J. Boston was ejected in the loss for arguing balls and strikes. Jim Mann again got the save, tying for the league lead with 13.

Newark squeaked past Somerset, 8-7. Scott Sobkowiak had a poor outing, unable to get through four innings of work. Jake Brooks picked up his 11th save in the win.

Atlantic City beat Lancaster, 7-5. There’s a handful of guys I like on the Barnstormers, but to me anyway, they’re a really boring team to watch.

Henry Rodriguez beat the Riversharks, 2-1, in game one of their doubleheader. Oh, I mean the Ducks won, 2-1. H-Rod did some yardwork in the first inning, hitting a two run blast to play the role of “Ducks offense.” Playing the role of Ducks pitching was Brian Dorsey, who went five innings for the W.

Camden beat Long Island in the second game, 8-1. Paxton Crawford got the loss, allowing six runs (three earned). – Mike Ashmore

Yesterday’s Scoreboard: The game between the Camden Riversharks and Long Island Ducks was rained out…The Somerset Patriots beat up on the Newark Bears, 8-0…The Bridgeport Bluefish and Nashua Pride game ended in a tie and will be resumed today after rain forced the end of play.

Also, Lancaster beat Atlantic City, 4-3, in 13 innings. Jason Bryan had the game winning single.

Jodie Out: Somerset Patriots starting pitcher Brett Jodie is no longer with the team, and will return home to continue his rehab. Jodie, who is trying to return from a torn labrum, wants to regain his strength. – Scott Stanchak.

Elvis Has Left the Building: I’m so glad I got to do this one, couldn’t wait to write in that headline. Anyway, the Newark Bears released P Darwin Peguero and INF Elvis Corporan. Darwin may have had the theory of relativity down (aware this isn’t true, it’s a joke…albeit a bad one), but his theory on pitching must have been a bit iffy. You could say the Bears roster’s been “All Shook Up,” but why would you do that.

More Bluefish Swimming Away?: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post reports that the Astros have called about T.J. Mathews and the Nationals about Robert Person. Teams call about players all the time, as has been the case in Somerset with Dave Elder, Scott Sobkowiak and Brian Tollberg…signing them is a different matter all together.

Rocker: The release of John Rocker yesterday made national news, with short clips of John in a Ducks uniform being shown on ESPNEWS. Also, I have contacted John’s PR people in hopes of landing some sort of statement or perhaps, an interview. All I ever wanted to talk with him about since day one was baseball, so it was very frustrating that I wasn’t allowed to do so.

Rocker, Part 2: I’m not sure what the level of interest is now, but right before he was released, another team in the league was reportedly in discussions with Long Island to acquire Rocker and use him as a starting pitcher. I highly, highly doubt he resurfaces in this league. If he did, I’d like to see him in Nashua. People would come out to see him, but not enough to where there’d be any issues with fans or whatnot.

Sadler signs with Ducks: I wouldn’t treat this as fact yet, but I heard that the Ducks signed former Patriots P Carl Sadler. Sadler pitched for the Indians in 2002 and 2003 and, naturally, left the Patriots the day before I was set to interview him.

The very same day he was released, he essentially walked across the field and worked out for Nashua, but he rather obviously did not sign with them.

Mexican League: With the Mexican League almost over with, a lot of Atlantic League teams are getting in touch with players in the league and trying to set up deals for the second half.

Big Name Update: I obviously know who it is, and I can’t really say. But I will tell you that he isn’t coming to the team he was in discussions with, but will likely surface with another team in the league. My guess would be the Ducks, although I’m not sure they could use another outfielder…whoa, I’ve said too much!

More Vagueness: Will an Atlantic Leaguer be back in time for his own bobblehead night? Hmmm…

10Q Preview: Look forward to interviews with Jose Herrera, Jack Santora, Jeff Farnsworth and Bobby M. Jones in the very near future. – Mike Ashmore



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