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June 21, 2005

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Bears Moves: From the Not-So-Shocking Department, the Newark Bears released INF/OF Dalmiro Quezada today. He had only one hit in 24 at-bats. The team also placed INF Nick Steppe on the 7-day disabled list with a shoulder injury. The team signed former Yankees farmhand Teuris Olivares, who was solid with the Trenton Thunder two years ago, to fill a roster spot. – Scott Stanchak.

Scoreboard: The Somerset Patriots won their ninth straight road game with a 6-5 win over the Newark Bears. The Spurs may have “Big Shot Rob” but the Patriots have “Big Spot Rob” as Robert Marquez shut the door on the Bears in the 9th inning. Brian Tollberg improved to 7-2 for Somerset, and I’m absolutely shocked he’s still here. Both Tollberg and Scott Sobkowiak are about as close to gone as you can get while still wearing an AL uniform. Somerset looks to sweep their third straight road series with a win tomorrow in Newark, game time 12:05.

Atlantic City beat Long Island, 10-4, behind the bats of Tom Goodwin and Al Benjamin. Goodwin went 2-3 with two runs and three RBI, while Benjamin also had three RBI after his three run shot off of Ducks reliever Mike Crudale.

Lancaster essentially beat the hell out of the Riversharks, destroying them 14-2. They batted around in the 2nd inning, scoring six runs. 3,064 fans and even some canines watched Raul Marcano (3) and Lance Burkhart (4) hit home runs for Lancaster on “Dog Days of Summer” Night. For Greg Powell, it must have been Christmas tree night, because he sure was lit up like one. He went two and third innings and gave up ten runs, all earned. Ouch. Brett Laxton goes for Camden tomorrow.

Nashua beat Bridgeport, 12-4. Brian Becker, Kevin Haverbusch and Jimmy Hurst all homered for Nashua in the win. Luis Arroyo picked up the loss for the Bluefish, giving up eight earned runs in two and a third in what could best be described as a Greg Powell-esque performance. The win puts Nashua two games up in their division.

Patriots Moves: Patriots beat writer extraordinaire Geoff Mosher fills in the blanks after the loss of Derek Lee with a very informative article. The Courier News scribe reports that the team has signed RHP Kyle Evans to take Lee’s roster spot. Evans was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 6th round of the 2000 draft after a successful stint at Baylor. 61 of his 72 career games coming into 2005 were starts, but Evans will likely head to the bullpen with Todd Moser taking over D-Lee’s role in the rotation. Evans came into 2005 with a 23-16 career record with a 3.72 ERA. He made one appearance in Triple-A in 2004, which is as high as he’s advanced.

I wouldn’t be suprised to see Moser only make a start or two before moving Evans into the rotation. Moser has been a nice addition to the Patriots’ pitching staff after it seemed as if he was going to be gone if not for certain circumstances. However, he’s done the job in spot starts and out of the pen. Keep him in that role and use Evans, who has never been a reliever, in a role that he should be used in. This could, perhaps, be an audition for Evans to show if he should be in the rotation with the likes of several pitchers who will most likely be out of here soon. – Scott Stanchak

Something that had been in the works for weeks finally went down, as Patriots C Ryan Kellner will be retiring after the end of the Patriots series in Newark. Kellner was a steady defensive catcher who would make the occasional spectacular play, but would also have the occasional temper tantrum as well. Give Kellner credit for hanging around until the team could fill his spot, a lot of players would have just left. Anyway, that leaves the team with Chris Eickhorst and new signing Brent Cordell.

Cordell, who was signed after talks with a now-current big leager fell through, has experience in the Devil Rays organization and went to spring training with them in 2003. Brent “The Shampagne’s Not” Cordell has hit a combined 25 home runs over the past two seasons, but has never advanced past A-Ball. I’ll be real curious to see if the lack of experience behind the plate eventually burns Somerset, although Eickhorst is a more than serviceable catcher. I just doubt team brass is comfortable with him being a starter…that’s purely speculation on my part, I have no inside info there.

The first fan to bust out an “I Like Eick” button will be the coolest fan ever…

I like Eickhorst in the starting catcher role and the team will most likely keep him there. Pitchers enjoy throwing to him and he knows the game. He’s also hitting pretty well, so why not start playing him more. – SS.

All you other Billy Hall’s are just imitating: Also, Mosher reports that Billy Hall, who’s been out with a rib cage strain since June 10th, could be out until the July 12th All-Star Break. Hall, who is traveling with the team, has been hampered all year by injuries and hasn’t been the player he was a few years ago as a result. Hopefully the real Billy Hall can please stand up when it comes playoff time. Please stand up. Please stand up.

Rocky Road for Rocker: Ducks P John Rocker, according to a Connecticut Post article, left the game last night screaming at fans. His arm isn’t keeping him on the team, and his mouth certainly isn’t helping him, either. How long will Long Island stick with their man? And will Rocker ever learn?

Perhaps an easier question to answer is: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Also under consideration was: If you write a lame headline involving a kind of ice cream, but nobody’s there to read it…

Rocker is ruining his chance — and has probably done so already — of ever getting back with a major league affiliate. He’s going to be gone from the Atlantic League with what he’s doing. Hey, but there’s always the Can-Am League or wait, maybe him and Rickey Henderson can join the same forces. – SS.

Raggio to Mexico: The Bridgeport Bluefish are going to be taking a big hit by losing starting pitcher Brady Raggio to Mexico. The Connecticut Post reports the deal is not yet finalized, however. Regardless, Raggio was placed on the Inactive List to make room for the return of Will Pennyfeather, who made his not-so-triumphant return from the suspended list by not playing.

Related News: The Surf activated Jose Velazquez today. He was on the suspended list for 10 days after becoming the 3rd violator of the league’s drug and alcohol policy.

Stop in the name of lame: Anyone who gets the Ducks newsletter and Mickey’s Mail will know what I’m talking about. Anyways, the what stat is irrelevant and other various back and forth comments are pretty weak. Tease player signings, tell me things I can’t get from a boxscore, but I can do without the you-know-what contest, regardless of how lighthearted it may or may not appear to be. I would have finished the headline with “before you make me barf,” but there’s just no way I would do that…

Both Mickey and the Ducks organization have been good to me, but I’ve had a few fans mention this to me and I’m not alone in saying that I hope it doesn’t continue. – Mike Ashmore

Here’s a stat for everyone: 2- The number of people who made comments in this post, myself and Mike Ashmore.



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