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June 11, 2005

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DRUG SUSPENSIONS: In moves curiously not mentioned by either team, the Bears have placed OF Wil Quintana on the suspended list as the result of a 10-day suspension for a violation of the league’s drug and alcohol policy.

The Bluefish had to do the same with OF Will Pennyfeather.

The suspensions, believed to be the first in the eight year history of the league related to the policy, will expire shortly, but they might mean the end of the road for both players. Pennyfeather, hitting just .193 at the time of his suspension, had hinted at retirement for each of the past two seasons, even going as far as to tell me that last season would probably be his last in our interview. Management surely can’t be pleased with his off field actions, and his play on the field doesn’t seem to warrant him staying around.

Do not misunderstand me here, I like Pennyfeather a lot. Will has always been good to me and has been a big part of the Bluefish’s loose, friendly environment in the clubhouse for the past two seasons. I will try to get in touch with him to see what really happened here…

As for Quintana, he was playing significantly better than Pennyfeather, hitting .291 with four home runs and 18 RBI. Quintana has bounced around the league over the past four years, playing with the Road Warriors, Bears, Surf, and Ducks. However, again, management cannot be pleased with the situation and I’m real curious to see whether or not Quintana will return.

My take on the situation? It’s a great thing that the league has a substance abuse policy, of course. It’s always been my opinion that, from a fan’s standpoint, you could certainly subscribe to the theory that the use of performance enhancing drugs could be more prevalent in the Atlantic League due to the pressure that some players feel to get back into affiliated ball.

For as much as you all know I hint at stuff, let me make this clear: I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANYBODY IN THIS LEAGUE EVER DOING ANYTHING AT ANY TIME.

What’s not so great is that the announcements of the suspensions are rather discreet. Obviously, if you’re covering a team and a guy is AWOL for 10 days, you’re going to figure it out. Or, if someone’s put on the “suspended list,” you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s up.

What would I like to see? A detailed description of exactly what the league’s substance abuse policy entails, and what the specific penalties are. It’s 10 days for a first time offender, but what does a 2nd time offender get? Do you get a 3rd shot? As I said, it’s great that the league has introduced this policy and is beginning to enforce it. But I think there are also improvements that can be made as well. – Mike Ashmore

Information from Rich Elliott’s Connecticut Post article was used in this report.



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