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June 4, 2005

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Hurst joins Pride: Jimmy Hurst was finally activated by Nashua today, about a week or so after he had agreed to terms with the team.

Who players like Drew and Weaver hurt by coming here: This article should tell you all you need to know. The league does a lot more for the subject of the article than it does for guys like Weaver and Drew.

Scoreboard: There is none, all the games were rained out and rescheduled as doubleheaders.

Ten Questions from Today: There are none. The Ducks had a closed clubhouse, so rather than being able to have easy access to everyone during the rain delay, the clubhouse was off-limits and I couldn’t go inside. Awesome.

Glad I came to the ballpark today, really…I got so much done. Real productive day, no question.

Good to see one guy ruining it for people who want to hear from the other 24.


O’Keefe goes the way of the O’Jays: OK, so I can’t make musical references like Scott, but the Somerset Patriots Mike O’Keefe is a thing of the past. Geoff Mosher of The Courier News reports he’s left the team for the Northern League. Hitting below .150 will do that to you…

Ten Questions Update/Ashmore’s Soapbox: With the Long Island Ducks coming to town, hopefully my hours (yes, literally) of prep will pay off with some quality Ten Questions interviews. If everything goes perfectly, I’ll have about half the roster done by the time they leave Somerset.

But who won’t I have? John Rocker. Several attempts to arrange something with Rocker have been met with “he’s letting his pitching do the talking.”

However, I haven’t given up all hope. His people can meet my people…we’ll do lunch. And, if his “people” do read this, you’re missing a golden opportunity at some good publicity for him. If he can’t handle an interview where all of the questions are about baseball, then he should have people handling his orders at restaurants and his calls on cell phones, too. Be protective, but let’s not overdo it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the few people covering the league who still defend Rocker to an extent and actually like him. I had a good personal experience with him at a Phillies game after “everything” had happened, and I was happy to see that I’d have a shot to interview him. I want to see him do well.

Do I believe some people are out to get him? Honestly, yes. You have to believe that there are people who want to talk to him just to have their name on top of the next big story in case he says something out of the ordinary. Is that what Jeff Pearlman had in mind when he was penning his famous Sports Illustrated article…who knows?

I will say this, though…I highly doubt he’s peeved his name is associated with that article. I didn’t even have to look up who wrote it, I knew.

Hey, I want to make a name for myself too, but to deny access to Rocker is almost to insinuate that I (and every other legitimate journalist being shut out) am going to try to do it the wrong way.

Whoever decided that Rocker wouldn’t be talking (and I don’t buy that it was Rocker himself, rather that it was whoever’s in his ear) is who I’m disappointed in. Hey, I love the Atlantic League…but in the same breath, it’s the Atlantic League. I shouldn’t have to be pulling the red tape off of my shoulder just to get to someone.

To all the Patriots fans out there, considering you likely have a better shot to talk to him than I do, come on out to the ballpark and get his autograph…sounds like he’s been signing anything stuck under his nose since he’s signed with Long Island, gotta give him credit for that. If you want to cheer, then cheer. If you want to boo, you can do that too.

Just do me a favor, tell me what it was like to talk to him…sounds like I’ll never know. – Mike Ashmore ( mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com )



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