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May 24, 2005

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AL Rumors and Rumblings: 1) There is a growing consenus among AL fans, especially those in Nashua and Lancaster, that Nashua will lose their franchise to York when that stadium is completed. Keep in mind that the (proposed) ownership group in York (Peter Kirk) is the same as in Nashua, so to say that statement doesn’t carry any weight might be inaccurate. I think the short-term success of Lancaster (and Nashua, for that matter) will have a lot to do with what happens to the Pride.

The Nashua Telegraph’s Tom King put together a nice article on the Pride needing to get their act together in regards to better marketing themselves, but if they’re just riding the storm until York comes along, that might explain why there’s no real marketing push to speak of up there.

2) Here’s a nice story for someone who has the time to work on it…sure, the Atlantic League has sent countless players to affiliated ball, but how many umpires have made the jump? Based on the umpiring so far this year, I’d say not too many.

The good news about the umpiring? The reviews are varied.

The bad news about the umpiring? The reviews vary from bad to awful.

Say what you want, say I’m trying to make something out of nothing, but it’s the talk of the players, coaches and media at this point of the season.

3) If you think the Patriots are done making moves, think again. (Note: They released pitcher Phil Akens and outfielder Mamon Tucker.)

For more Atlantic League honesty, be sure to head on over to atlanticleaguebaseball.com for Scott Stanchak’s latest AL Notebook. – Mike Ashmore



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