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May 4, 2005

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Off his Rocker? Again? Not really. : According to a Press of Atlantic City article, Long Island Ducks closer John Rocker got into a verbal altercation with a fan during last night’s game. Here’s the rundown, directly from the article.

As Rocker left the field, Dave Macken of Atlantic City, a Surf fan sitting near the visitors dugout, yelled, “It’s a long way from Atlanta.”

According to Macken, Rocker replied, “I’m still a millionaire and you’re a piece of [expletive].” Macken told The Press of Atlantic City that the two then exchanged vulgarities.

Rocker recalled the exchange differently. “Call me what you want, but don’t start cussing at me like that,” Rocker said. “That’s just wrong.”

Further quotes are also detailed in the original article here, although I don’t think you want the kids reading them.

One thing that’s also very interesting is that the Surf played “New York, New York” upon Rocker’s entrance into the game. While not quite what happened when the Surf PA guy made some interesting comments about Jim McGreevey last year, it sure does appear they aren’t afraid to push the envelope there.

I (MA) don’t really think this is a big deal, but does kind of further my theory of why he needs someone around him at all times making sure he doesn’t say the wrong thing. Considering his past, things can be blown way out of proportion and I doubt this is any different. Not surprisingly, there was no mention of this on either the Surf or Ducks websites.

There are clips of this being shown on the news, and my take on it is that it looks like someone simply heckling him from behind the dugout. He made the choice to respond, as players will sometimes choose to do, although that’s never condoned. The fact that it’s Rocker has this blown way out of proportion…this isn’t even really a story.

Back in 2003, one Atlantic League player nearly got into a confrontation with a fan after being heckled, and pointed him out. Security escorted him out of the stadium. This player was a former Major Leaguer. It didn’t even get a blurb in the local paper, and it shouldn’t have. So, where’s the difference?

Furthermore, after watching the clip, the quotes listed in the paper aren’t all that was said to Rocker.

“That wasn’t even good BP,” and “I’d do that for free.” were also audible from the fan before the former Braves closer replied.

Player Signing: The Camden Riversharks signed former major-leaguer Wayne Gomes to a contract. The 32-year-old right hander last pitched in the big leagues in 2002 with the Boston Red Sox. Originally drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies with the 4th pick of the 1993 draft, Gomes made his major league debut with the team in 1997. He played parts of five seasons with the club from 1997-2001, ending that season with the San Francisco Giants. In 321 big league appearances, Gomes is 30-23 with a 4.60 ERA. He spent 2004 with the Sacramento River Cats, the AAA affiliate of the Oakland A’s.

Scoreboard: The Patriots beat the Bears, 9-7, in Newark. The Patriots nearly blew a 9-1 lead, with the Bears having the tying and winning runs on base with two outs in the ninth. – Scott Stanchak w/Mike Ashmore.



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