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May 2, 2005

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Player Activated: The Bridgeport Bluefish activated P Eddy Ramos, giving them 13 pitchers on the active roster.

Scores: Camden beat Nashua 9-8 in yesterday’s game.

Ashmore Opinion: In this Connecticut Post article, Chris Elsberry scolds John Rocker for not giving the media quotes before the game. And I’ve got to ask whether or not the article was really worth the ink.

I can’t even begin to count how many times a player will say, “After the game,” and you deal with it. To take a shot at someone who’s been as dragged through the mud as anyone could possibly be is a little weak.

If anyone needs to tip-toe with the media, it’s Rocker, and if he says after the game…then after the game it is.

Also, there was a mixed bag from the Nashua Telegraph’s Tom King on Sunday. In one article, this one, King does a great job detailing some behind the scenes work with Nashua’s ownership. For example, Steve Kalafer has no part of the Nashua team and Peter Kirk is a “consultant” with Bridgeport.

However, King also takes a shot at the league’s media relations departments here. He talks about how Nashua put out a roster without positions on it in spring training and how John Rocker was hot and cold this spring. People are getting quotes from Rocker, just as they did from Rickey Henderson last season…who also had someone handling his media requests.

However, no mention is made of the excellent jobs that some teams have been doing for years…specifically Marc Russinoff of the Somerset Patriots and Mike Pfaff of the Long Island Ducks, who was recently promoted to assistant GM.

Some teams are easier to deal with than others, anyone who does this knows that. You know who you are. But to say it’s a league-wide issue seems to be much ado about nothing. -Mike Ashmore


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