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April 16, 2005

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Baseball America is featuring a great article by Bill Pulsipher. It details his struggles with depression and takes you through his journey through the majors, the minors and the independent Atlantic League. This is must read stuff. Check it out here.

The following former Atlantic Leaguers were released by their respective clubs over the past few days:

BAL: Tom McGee (SOM), James Lofton (NAS)
BOS: Mike Lopez-Cao (NAS-RW)
CHI(N): Robinson Cancel (SOM-RW)
CLE: Gerry Oakes (NWK), Justin Lamber (LI)
COL: Lance Calmus (AC-SOM)
HOU: Pedro Diaz (RW), Jordan Zimmerman (LI)
LAA: Vic Gutierrez (AC)
NYM: Joe Gannon (NWK), Micah Mangrum (RW)
STL: Greg Bauer (NWK)
SD: Agustin Marquetti (NAS)
WAS: Michael Coleman (NWK), Alex Lontayo (BPT)

Just 10 days until the first ever Atlantic League preview show on WDVR Radio. The show, hosted by myself and Scott Stanchak, will be three hours long and will feature call-ins from players and various prize giveaways. For more, be sure to check out patriotsbaseball.com or scottstanchak.com

And, 2 days after that, we’ll be broadcasting the Somerset Patriots home opener. For all you Barnstormers fans, this will be their first ever game as well. Make sure your dial is tuned to 89.7 WDVR FM for Scott Stanchak on play-by-play and Mike Ashmore providing color commentary.


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