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April 1, 2005

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Congratulations to former Long Island Ducks ace Bill Pulsipher, who has officially made the St. Louis Cardinals. This article on MLB.com seals the deal for the former “Generation K” Met. I had the opportunity to interview the newest addition to the St. Louis Cardinals last season, and you can check it out here. This is just the latest in a long line of success stories in the Atlantic League, and it just shows that you should take advantage of all the great names that are bound to show up this year…while you still can. The Patriots have signed P Scott Sobkowiak and resigned C Chris Eickhorst. The Barnstormers signed OF Jason Bryan and C Juan Castro, and the Bears have added two more pitchers; Manny Bermudez and Luis Alvarado. Only Sobkowiak brings MLB experience to the league. It looks like Jose Offerman will be on the Opening Day roster for the Philadelphia Phillies, just a day after it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he wouldn’t be. The Phillies sent Marlon Byrd to AAA today, opening the door for Offerman. On the flip side, The Washington Post is now reporting that Carlos Baerga’s spot with the Washington Nationals may be in jeopardy after all. According to the article, the club will keep J.J. Davis and Tony Blanco instead, and that Baerga’s lack of speed and lackluster Spring Training performance will likely keep him off the squad. – Mike Ashmore.



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