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October 26, 2008 – More on Newark Ceasing Operations October 26, 2008

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I’m adding this on top to keep the news Mike added below and not in a separate post. I’m working on a story about the Bears, their history and demise. I’ll be reaching out to many people, but if you played for the team, worked for the team or think you have something to contribute to this story, please reach out: scott @ atlanticleaguebaseball.com – Scott Stanchak

What We’ve Learned So Far: This week will play a large role in the future of the Newark Bears, and many key decisions have yet to be made. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Bears will not be a member of the Atlantic League in 2009.

I’ve heard from several sources that preliminary schedules that include the Road Warriors are being drawn up, a schedule that would most likely reduce the Atlantic League season from 140 to 126 games.

It would seem that Bears owner Marc Berson still holds all the cards here. The Bears could possibly join the Can-Am League for the 2009 season, or could take a year off to reorganize and re-join the Atlantic League in 2010.

I’m told that a move to the Can-Am League would save the team a significant amount of money.

There are several college teams that use Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium for games, so some form of baseball will be played there next year no matter what.

The location of the 2009 Atlantic League All-Star Game remains up in there as well. I’ve heard a few scenarios that have been discussed, and am told that some sort of announcement will be made once plans for the Bears are finalized, possibly as soon as late this week.

Stay tuned to AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com for all the latest news regarding this developing situation. For the original post about this, in which Scott and myself have subsequently been given credit for breaking this news by numerous online outlets as well Newark’s own Star-Ledger, click here.

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